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Month: September 2018

Sep 24
British GT Championship At Donington Park

Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of being able to join the Invictus Games team at Donington park for the final round of the British GT championship. With the F-Type being the first GT car in recent history from Jaguar to enter the leagues of competitive racing we were excited to see the cars […]

Sep 21
Swallows Dynamic Engine Detox

With our Swallows Detox service increasing in popularity we thought we would take this time to outline its benefits across all vehicles. The Detox is a bolt on facility to your standard A or B service where by Hot mineral oil is pumped through the engine once the old oil has been drained, this then […]

Sep 21
Just A Matter Of Timing

We often get asked the same questions by 4.0 V8 owners.. “Why do I need to change my chains?” or “But my car has not done that much mileage yet so why should I get it done?” There are many articles pertaining to the recommended change of the chains, guides and water pump on these […]

Sep 21
4 Wheel Laser Alignment… A Matter Of Perspective.

This weeks spotlight focuses on the black art of vehicle alignment and hopefully will put a few myths to bed about its need and effects. In the UK we have grown far to used to pot holes and kerbs becoming a daily occurrence and while over the years cars have gotten stronger the wheels and […]

Sep 18
JEC Saloon & GT Donington 15th – 16th September 2018

Powered by Balti As we head towards the end of the season, Donington is one the most popular circuits on the calendar and played host to a JEC racing triple header. Donington for the JEC racers has also become about ‘Cars & Curry’ and the annual Saturday night pilgrimage to the Gandhi in downtown Donni, […]

Sep 14
Sort Oil Range Expands

Sort Oils range expands and with it then so does the quality and grades on offer, the popularity of premium oil has seen a rise this year as more and more owners take the life blood car of their engines more and more seriously. Sort oil has been the only choice for our fleet of […]

Sep 13
Eventuri F-Type V6 And V8 Carbon Intake Systems

Performance Gain: V8: 30-38hp, 30-35ft-lb Performance Gain: V6: 18-24hp, 20-25ft-lb The Eventuri Intake system for the Jaguar F-Type fits both the 3.0l and 5.0l supercharged variants. We have replaced the standard airboxes and resonator tubes with our Patent Pending filter housings mated to bespoke carbon fibre tubes. To ensure a smooth airflow path, our tubes […]

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