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Month: March 2020

Mar 28
Ceramic Covid Therapy

Many of us are sat at home and unable to drive our pride and joys in the first days of spring due to the COVID-19 lockdown but take this opportunity to give your car the attention it deserves the right way using Meguair’s brand new ceramic care range of protection and waxes, With state of […]

Mar 28
Intake rethink..

Intakes have always been the most restrictive part of any intake system and we have tested many different options and versions over the years through racing and extensive dyne testing, for quality/ design and power increase there is simply no equal to the intelligent and beautiful Eventuri intake system. With so many aftermarket intakes available, the […]

Mar 28
Eibach you can’t go lower..

With a diverse range of models and specifications in the Jaguar line up the one set up suits all approach does not have to apply any more, if you feel that your Jag could have sharper handling or could look better with less arch gap then Eibach have the answer to this with the pro […]

Mar 27
COVID-19 New Rules on MOT and keeping your car safe to drive.

You may have read or heard that there are some new temporary measures in place with regards to MOT’s (see extracts from the government website below). As from 30th March 2020 an automatic 6-month extension to MOT’s is coming into force. At Swallows this gives us some cause for concern. If your car passed its […]

Mar 27
Time to take a brake..disc

Swallows Jaguar are proud to be supporters of our new partner Tarox brakes, with a great range to suit all driving requirements and direct replacements from the OEM parts its a great time to upgrade All TAROX discs and calipers are designed and manufactured in their factory in Northern Italy. This in-house approach ensures the […]

Mar 27
The Power of no Flex..

Swallows is proud to supply and fit Powerflex Bushes to our Jaguar and LandRovers and there is good reason for this, with not only the headline lifetime guarantee and the improved handling the bushes also bring a variety of other benefits. Learn more about these award winning products below. Why Poly Bushes? Polyurethane has been […]

Mar 27
Tyre’d of the same old myths?

Do you know that Swallows stock a full range of summer and winter tyres for all models and brands, coupled with high level fitting and balancing machines you are sure to get an exceptional service every time. If you are unsure of the correct tyre for you then give us a call and our team […]

Mar 20
Corona Virus, how Swallows can help?

We live in difficult times and we need to support each other through the current situation as no one knows how long this will last. If you are having to stay at home and remove yourself from contact, if you are at risk because of age or health but your car is due servicing and […]

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