Specialising in British prestige cars for over 35 years

Read about how our family has a rich history with the Jaguar brand and discover how we can help you

Continuing the Traditions And Ethos Of Jaguar/Land Rover.

The prestige of Jaguar motor cars is world renowned. From the earliest days of motoring, through the iconic eras of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, the heady days of the 80s and 90s through to the ground-breaking and cutting edge technologies of today, Jaguar have been at the leading edge of the automotive industry. At Swallows, we continue the traditions and ethos of Jaguar/ Land Rover and add further elements of expertise and exceptional service

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About Us

The swallows STORY

Swallows stems from a blend of family influences and engineering expertise spanning three generations. Gary Robinson, founder began Swallows in 1985 after completing a five-year apprenticeship specialising in both vintage and modern Jaguar automobiles. His grandfather Thomas Robinson, an aviation engineer who worked through the ranks at the famous aircraft manufacturer De Havilland to become head engineer and his father Pete Robinson, was a master gunsmith but with a passion for all things in motorsport. It’s therefore easy to see where Gary’s love of everything engineering and automotive comes from.

Swallows began life in Ruislip, Middlesex but with a young family on the way Gary and Swallows moved location to just south of Bristol in Somerset and to our Acacia Farm premises, which has been home now for the past twenty years. Gary’s infectious enthusiasm along with his passion that began our story thirty-five years ago has spread to his two son Tom and Jack. Tom created the Swallows Racing brand in 2016 and Jack is currently growing Swallows car sales. Swallows now caters for Jaguar Land Rover along with Aston Martin.

With a family tree populated by engineers on both sides, it’s easy to see why we are so passionate about the work we do and why the Swallows story continues.

About Us

Our Experienced Team

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After an old school 5 year motor engineering apprenticeship. Inspired by the Jaguar marque Gary formed Swallows in 1985. As the founder and with a blend of family influence, passion and over 35 Years of experience, Gary is the Driving force behind Swallows.
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Tom is the very heart of Swallows, from racing and developing his car in the Toyo championship to utilising his extensive knowledge in JLR running the workshops. With 3 seasons under his belt Tom hopes to make it to the top step in the next season as the car and himself goes from strength to strength. He enjoys motocross, mountain biking and race weekends.

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Picking up the mantle from father Gary, Jack is rapidly growing the car sales arm of Swallows. Currently busy sourcing high quality used cars to populate Swallows new road frontage, Jack has developed a keen eye for the best available cars. Jack also shares Gary’s passion for motorcycles and can be often found riding his off-road bike.


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CHRIS WESTON, Office manager

Chris is our performance and office manager, his specialist knowledge in advanced aero and track prep solutions make him the perfect choice to insure you get the maximum capability from your car. With 2 Type R race cars in his garage, one of which is a ex British touring car undergoing full restoration he is often found lost in sea of engineering drawings completing these projects.

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Richard is our classic car specialist, He is one of our most respected employees as he has worked for us for over 15 years helping swallows earn their sterling reputation with his engineering and mechanical perfection, He enjoys mountain biking, going for walks with his dog and spending time with his boy. Rich has an amazing sense of humour and is a forever lifting the spirits at Swallows.

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Master Technician who came from a Jaguar main dealer. He has over 10 years experience with Jag’s and was announced Jaguar UK Technician of the year in 2014. In his spare time you would find him spending time with his family. John also dedicates all of his spare time with the Swallows Racing team at circuits all over the UK.

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Ben specialises in Diagnostics and Electrical gremlins and his main dealer experience makes him an excellent member to have on our team. Ben has a turbocharged Mazda MX5 which he built himself and showcases his skills to build a really capable and stylish little weapon on the track. Ben is a massive family man and is found down on the farm with his other half Mel when not working on cars.

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Tommy cambridge, Mechanic

Tommy is our fabricator and usually found with a welder in hand. He has a real love for drifting and enters events across the country for the Drift Cup in his BMW M3 with his partner who also drifts, he also loves fishing and can be found lakeside on his days off or with his kids.
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Colin Porter, PR & Marketing

With a diverse business background in engineering, graphic design, printing, publishing, and hospitality and events, Colin brings to Swallows a broad range of professional skills. Increasing our profile through a range of media and regularly networking he helps us to continue to grow. A keen photographer, he can often be found track-side shooting our race cars to enhance our publicity.    

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Sharron is the key to the business who keeps us all in check and makes sure the business is functioning effieciently. Being Gary’s wife, she has had Jaguar in her blood for a long long time! This is good as she knows exactly what to do for the busienss to keep everything running smoothly.

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ali forte, ACCOUNTS

Ali manages the purse strings and is the back manger here at Swallows keeping the wheels turning and the lights on, Ali loves spending time with her family and traveling with her husband in their motorhome at the weekends. 

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Josh Hill, Apprentice  

Josh is in college studying his Level 3 mechanics and learning the ropes in the deep end with the high calibre vehicles here at Swallows, shadowing Ben and Rich his knowledge grows everyday on a wide range of weird and wonderful faults and diagnostics.
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