Aston Martin Track Days

Have you ever wanted to take your car on track? Feel what it’s like to experience a circuit prepared Aston Martin, with our Aston Martin track days.

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The Swallows Advantage

Experience the thrill of a track day with full support from Swallows Racing. We offer a variety of expertise and assistance to those planning to take on the track. Our experts will check that your car is in good health prior to your Aston Martin track day, with our pre-track day car assessment. We also have a range of tuning and performance upgrades available to improve how your car drives on track.

Swallows also has its very own fleet track cars. Get the chance to experience the pinnacle of Jaguar performance cars, first-hand. Swallows Racing regularly attend track days around the UK. You are always invited to come and join us, during this exhilarating and thrilling environment. The Swallows Racing Aston Martin fast track is an adrenaline fuelled experience not to miss. Find out more about Swallows Racing track days. Call us on 01934 750 319 or contact us online.

Suitable for Beginners

Looking to become a Racing Driver?

For those who have never experienced a Aston Martin track day, or have never been on the track… We’ll be covering everything you need to know to become a competent track driver. Those looking to become a racing driver, we’ll show you where the extra seconds are, and how to go from beginner to winner.

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