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Its more than Just oil, Its liquid engineering



The Castrol -Jaguar partnership is one that extends back over many decades. Castrol are also Jaguars global partner and have now been technology partner for Jaguar and Land Rover for over eleven years. New Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles come fitted with Castrol oil, which is engineered for the purpose, this extends to the full fluid range, including driveline, coolant and brakes. 

Swallows are proudly a Castrol approved and authorised centre and we will replace at service your car’s fluids with genuine Castrol products and we have available a wide range of top bottles on-site for you to purchase when you collect your car from us or to purchase from our online shop.

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News from Castrol on our latest innovations and how we are fuelling the dreams of pioneers. Its more Than just oil, Its Liquid Engineering.

Find out more about our exclusive Castrol partnership. 

Find out more about our exclusive Castrol partnership. 

Find out more about our exclusive Castrol partnership. 


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Our Key FAQS

Got a question about Castrol or engine oil in general? Please see the answers below.


  • As a lubricant they reduce the friction and wear that occurs when engine parts move against each other, for example between the cylinder walls and piston rings, or the camshaft lobes and followers/lifters.
  • As a coolant they absorb and transfer the heat produced in the engine combustion chambers and piston undercrown area, cooling the engine and helping prevent overheating.
  • As a sealant they seal the space between the piston ring and the cylinder wall to prevent combustion pressure (engine power) from escaping.
  • As a detergent they prevent waste matter resulting from combustion and impurities from sticking to the engine interior, helping to keep it clean.
  • As a rust inhibitor they neutralise acids produced by combustion gases, preventing rusting and corrosion.

Mineral and synthetic based oils are mostly derived from crude oil or its refined components. Mineral base oils are produced during normal crude oil refining process and are enhanced with chemical additives. Some synthetic base oils are produced by further refining and chemically altering these mineral base oils. Other types of synthetic base oils are made by using special refinery products to tailor-make specific and unique molecules.

Synthetic engine oils are able to:
  • Operate at much higher temperatures for longer.
  • Resist oxidation better than mineral oils leading to less wear and longer engine life.
  • Be used for longer or extended drain intervals.
  • Provide quicker oil circulation at start-up which contributes to improved fuel economy due to less energy being wasted through viscous drag.

Castrol EDGE intelligent molecules can cling to your engine. The unique formulations are exclusive to Castrol, and can’t be bought from other providers. We carry out extensive testing as part of our product development, and the unique formulations we create are not available to anyone else.

YES- Brakes are essential for any car and this makes brake fluid one of your car’s most essential components. It has to resist the moisture that can cause vapour lock brake failure, protect against corrosion, and withstand high brake temperatures. Castrol offer a variety of options from Road to Race. please contact for further information.

YES – With the continuous evolution of cars’ technology over the past years transmissions & axles have become more complex, demanding more technologically advanced fluids to ensure they operate with efficiency and reliability. Using the right oil for your car is key to ensuring your transmission & axle operates as designed and maintains its performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

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Castrol was founded with a sense of purpose. After more than 120 years our heritage of pioneering and delivering innovation which anticipates and meets customer needs still shapes the way we do business today. We take the time to understand the challenges our customers are facing and partner to achieve better solutions.

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