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General questions about our company and services.

We do not carry out any MOT tests here on site, in order to stay impartial. However, with 2 local MOT stations to us we have the capacity to service and MOT a vehicle on your visit in one day, for your convenience.

We carry out both main dealer and 3rd party warranty work here, conversing with companies for diagnosis and approval. Payment must come to us strictly by yourself, with reimbursement to yourself by the company covering your warranty.

We complete main dealer service actions here, however this only free when undertaken by the main dealer (where applicable). This includes a further chargeable service by ourselves.

Yes we take all major cards with the exception of American Express

Yes, we work with Close Brothers motor finance one the UK’s leading motor finance providers. We are more than happy to supply a finance quote and arrange finance for you.

MON-FRI 08.30 – 19.00
SAT 08.30 – 13.00
SUN Closed

Yes – we have Jaguar loan cars available to book while you vehicle is in with us as a complimentary service. These are also typically booked a few weeks in advance, all we ask is that you top up the fuel used.

We carry a range of second hand parts here on site, giving you various options in carrying out repairs to your vehicle from body panels to engines and electrical components – just ask our team.

We offer a full range of tyres from all brands as well as also offering a full range of JLR specific tyres from Pirelli, at very competitive prices

Servicing FAQ

General questions about our company and services.

We check vehicle history of our clients to tell them what the details of the next service due and when. Furthermore, vehicles with online service history will be checked via the JLR Topix system and help let you know this information too.

Typically, a service should happen every year regardless of mileage, due to the oil molecules breaking down over this time frame. Later vehicles using the Ingenium engine suit servicing roughly every 2 years, however will appear on the Topix system for this time frame.

An engine detox will often occur during a service and every 30-40,000 miles for best results. Furthermore, this keeps the internals in order alongside also fresh and free from build up in the oil galleries.

Yes – we have full access to the JLR Topix system to update this history and keep your records up to date and intact. A copy of this also provided with each service upon collection.

Yes – we have a state of the art laser 4 wheel alignment system. This ensures that everything keeps within manufacturers specifications across the whole vehicle. Lastly, all vehicles have this checked on each service with our compliments.

We guarantee that all service items used are genuine and that we comply with main dealer warranty. This also ensures maximum quality control for your pride and joy.

Here at Swallows, we have full main dealer software from IDS and SDD, up to the new Pathfinder on the later new models. This makes any job on your Jaguar or Land Rover possible.

Absolutely not, due to us being authorised by JLR and only because we use genuine items a service with us still keeps the warranty intact giving you peace of mind and a more competitive price.

Yes – all records are kept on file and with full visual inspections completed on each service. Thanks to this, we are also able to know what items have been advised for any future maintenance on your vehicle.

Swallows are a Castrol service centre, meaning that we only use the correct JLR approved oils and fluids for your pride and joy. Giving you peace of mind and protecting you vital engine components with the ultimate technology!

Performance FAQ

General questions about our company and services.

Yes – every single item we produce is legal and conforms will all MOT based regulations.

Absolutely, it is best to inform your insurance of any and all modifications carried out to the vehicle. Furthermore, you have a legal obligation and it should increase the value of the car, which needs to accurate.

Yes – the modifications we carry out are strictly MOT test friendly. From our exhaust systems to engine modifications, we ensure that all parts developed are capable of passing the yearly test and are also UK emissions passable.

Our SR supercharger pulleys have been specifically designed and tested to offer the upmost reliability, even under the demands of performance and also track driving. Many other pulleys are available on the market, however they are dangerously close to the operating limits of the supercharger, causing high intake temps and serious risks to the engine. We are proud to stand by our pulleys here at SR and are confident you will love them too.

We fully test all roll cages and also conform to MSA regulations with full certification provided across all models.

Shop FAQ

General questions about our company and services.

Shipping is available to all countries, however please contact the team for an individual quote.

We offer a discount on multiple items, however for an individual quote please contact the team before purchase.

The cut off time for all shipping/next day delivery is 11am and dispatch is 2pm daily.

If you give our team a call with your chassis and registration details, we will confirm the right parts with you.

Customs charges are applicable as per the percentage for your country when prompted.

We take payment at the shop via debit and credit card at the checkout.

Please contact the team and we will confirm checkout completion, also sending proof of confirmation out to you.

Tuning FAQ

General questions about our company and services.

Depending upon the map, changes will occur to the MPG on your vehicle, typically the diesel application offering better fuel consumption across the board, while the red map on forced induction engines will use more fuel as a byproduct of greater power figures in the top end.

Those opting for our OBDII or bench tuning will benefit from our VRM look up on the performance page. This will also you projected figures you should expect based upon your car producing the quoted figures from factory. Our live mapping services provide a definitive understanding of the base level figure from your engine. This includes a power run both before and after mapping completed, helping showcase differences across the power band in BHP and torque.

Whilst we offer many versions of tuning, we will always recommend our OBDII/Bench tuning for any diesel models or unmodified vehicles. Modified and forced induction vehicles also benefit from live mapping, due to the ability to tailor this individually. We now offer a MY GENIUS home mapping tool, for those who are too far away from us to have the car tuned on site. Further giving you the power to add and remove maps of varying styles when and where you want!

Unfortunately, our operation limits abide to the technology of the factory ECU, thus we only map vehicles before 2002. However, we always have the option to wire in an up to date stand alone ECU, for unlimited capability.

We do not have a dyno on site, however we use one of the most reputable companies in the performance tuning world who are also local to us. The infamous Dyno Dynamics dyno further enables fast and accurate readings to tailor your mapping for exceptional results.

With live mapping we will remove the factory speed limiter on the ECU, as well as also raising the RPM limit where needed. OBDII mapping only provide this feature on selected models only, please ask our team for more details on this.
The fuel in the UK boasts good quality and available to us at 99-100 octane fuel at the pump. This enables the engine to produce more power, whilst also boosting return extended fuel economy and protecting your engine’s lifespan as well.
With a live engine remap, we will run a before and after power run with overlaid graphs, showing the improvements right through the range in both BHP and torque. OBDII/Bench and Home tuning will only provide projected figures, due to a lack of a specific base line BHP figure from the power runs.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, however later ZF boxes will actively react to the engine ECU’s new found power and pull you up through the gears, making for a great driving experience.

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