SR Quantum Zero. Two Way Adjustable Coilovers



SR Quantum Zero. Two Way Adjustable Coilovers

Canister shocks resist bump forces by restricting the flow of oil displaced by the shaft—in effect applying pressure to an area equal to the diameter of the shaft. Two.Zero is different, only restricting flow across the piston—which is much larger. Applying pressure to a larger area means less pressure is required. The reduced hydraulic pressure means the damper is more efficient, particularly at low speeds and when it changes direction, right where you need it the most.

Two.Zero has two colour coded adjusters that each effect bleed across the piston in one direction only—benefiting you with superior performance and truly independent two-way adjustment. No bells, no whistles, no canisters, just good common sense.

Please contact for individual requirements and details due to changes that that may need to be made to your vehicle in dynamic systems.

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X100, X150 4.2, X150 5.0

X100, X150 4.2, X150 5.0


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