Swallows Dynamic Engine Detox

With our Swallows Detox service increasing in popularity we thought we would take this time to outline its benefits across all vehicles. The Detox is a bolt on facility to your standard A or B service where by Hot mineral oil is pumped through the engine once the old oil has been drained, this then brakes down and dislodges oil particles left behind from years of services before. Pulling out the old oil then brings the engine back to its cleaned and from factory state meaning this brings a host of benefits..

– Remove Sludge & Harmful Deposits From the Entire Engine – Improve Fuel Consumption – Lower Emissions – Reduce Engine Wear and Extend its life – Smoother Running – Quieter Engine – Oil Stays Clean for Longer – Increase Power & Torque – Gentle – Non Aggressive Treatment – Works on Petrol or Diesel – Remove Carryover Oil and Accumulated Contaminants in Engine Crankcase – Increase Engine Efficiency

From as little as £99 there is truly no other system that offers the same level of cleaning bringing your cars engine back to its former glory.


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