4 Wheel Laser Alignment… A Matter Of Perspective.

This weeks spotlight focuses on the black art of vehicle alignment and hopefully will put a few myths to bed about its need and effects.

In the UK we have grown far to used to pot holes and kerbs becoming a daily occurrence and while over the years cars have gotten stronger the wheels and suspension are still susceptible to knocks and bumps along the way, if you have hit a bump and have noticed the car then pulls slightly in one direction your wheels may not be aligned correctly this will need to be checked and possibly corrected.

How do you know if your wheels need alignment?

– On a flat and level road the car will pull to right or left when the steering wheel is straight. – Uneven tyre wear through edge wearing or stepping. – A juddering sensation through the steering wheel. – The steering wheel is off-centre when driving straight. – Sometimes you may not notice a difference in your cars handling.

Laser alignment: The Facts

It sounds more complicated then it is but essentially its a box of lasers connected to each wheel giving accurate reading of where the wheel is in relativity to the factory specification of the vehicle, Once the alignment is read the information is the sent to the screen and we can begin to adjust the 3 aspects of a cars Geometry (Camber, Castor, Toe).

Pulling each of these back inline helps the vehicle to handle smoothly, increase responsiveness, decrease tyre wear and improve performance.

Increased need for alignment may be a result of worn or damaged suspension items which will prevent the factory specification becoming achieved.

Swallows Service: Laser alignment is a free check as part of your A or B services so we will advise you on how far from factory specification your vehicle is and adjust accordingly. Laser alignment is £75 +vat for this comprehensive check and Adjustment.

Swallows Racing: Full Custom Laser Alignment with geometry and corner weighting for track days and race car setup.


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