COVID-19 New Rules on MOT and keeping your car safe to drive.

You may have read or heard that there are some new temporary measures in place with regards to MOT’s (see extracts from the government website below). As from 30th March 2020 an automatic 6-month extension to MOT’s is coming into force.

At Swallows this gives us some cause for concern. If your car passed its MOT 12 months ago but with advisories, it may now go up to 18 months without being addressed or checked. This is far from an ideal situation! Even if you are not travelling much because of the Coronavirus, deterioration to suspensions bushes and other rubber parts will continue as will corrosion to brake pipes etc. even with cars parked in garage.

Even though the MOT has been extended it is still the responsibility of owners to ensure that your car is roadworthy, (please read the details below from the government website entitled Keep your vehicle safe to drive)

If you are not sure what to do about your MOT, if you have advisories that your not sure if they affect the safety of your vehicle or if you simply want us to give your car a health check then get in touch, we are here to help and to ensure your car is safe to drive.


What you need to do

You do not need to do anything to extend your vehicle’s MOT expiry date if it’s on or after 30 March 2020. However, you must keep your vehicle safe to drive.

Your vehicle will be automatically given a 6-month MOT exemption. This will extend your current MOT expiry date by 6 months.


Keep your vehicle safe to drive

You must make sure your vehicle is safe to drive (‘roadworthy’). It can be unsafe even if your MOT expiry date has been extended.

Find out how to check your vehicle is safe and read the rules about vehicle maintenance, safety and security.

You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

You should still take your vehicle to be repaired at the nearest open garage. The government is allowing them to remain open.

Published by the government on 25 March 2020


The full details of the new temporary rules on MOT’s can be found here:


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