Disco Twist

Q: Why would we buy 2007 Disco 3 that had been SORN for two years with heap load of problems? A: Because our Jack could see the potential and well the price was right ….. With just under 100,000 miles on the clock this unloved Disco had seen better days had clearly been neglected by its previous owner, but Jack could see well beyond all that and the potential to bring back to life what was once a premium SUV. With the body off to address engine issues, it gave us the opportunity to clean, rust-proof and paint the ladder frame and to replace the corroded brake lines. Delving into the engine issues, the truth of what we had suspected on buying the vehicle that the engine was past economical repair and the answer was to transplant the 2.7 TdV6. Swapping these engines is not uncommon to Swallows as our Jaguar/Land Rover technicians are comfortable trained to work across both brands. With the mechanics now sound what our Disco needed was a cosmetic lift. Jack set about detailing the dull black paintwork with products from partners https://www.meguiars.co.uk/ giving the whole vehicle a complete machine polish and wax. A meticulous clean of the black leather interior brought the inside of the Disco back to its prestigious best. With a new aftermarket grille fitted and the wheels refurbished and finished in black the look was complete and the Disco was ready to dance again. If you would like to know what we can do for your Land Rover, please contact us; 01934 750319.


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