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Do I have to have my car serviced at a main dealer to protect the manufacturer’s warranty?

Typically, we first see a car in the Swallows workshop when the manufacturers warranties have expired. Many owners wrongly believe that they must get their new car serviced at a main dealer to preserve their warranty. Whilst this may have been true many years ago it isn’t the case now and hasn’t been for some time. The main dealer monopoly was ended by EC Block Exemption Regulation when it was introduced in October 2003 and allowed motorists more flexibility in selecting where they can get their cars serviced or repaired. Thanks to this legislation, maintenance and service work no longer must be carried out by a Main Franchise Dealer as long as the garage you choose uses original equipment, matching quality parts, is recorded as doing so, and completes the work in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedules you will maintain your vehicle warranty. Whilst we are no longer in EU the Block Exemption remains in place offering you the freedom to use independent specialists such as Swallows.

Swallows protect and preserve your warranty in several ways. Our team of professionally trained technicians and mechanics is headed up by our Master Technician John Odam who was trained by Jaguar Land Rover and is a former Jaguar Technician of the Year winner, so you can be assured of the quality of our work. We use the latest Jaguar dealer level JLR – IDS- SDD and Pathfinder and soon to be TOPIX Diagnostics, these are the same tools as used by main dealers. The EBE regulation which ensures your vehicle warranty is not affected if non-original brand (OE parts) are fitted, provided they meet the strict quality level set out in the regulations and you maintain your vehicle in line with manufacturer parts replacement intervals. At Swallows we go a little further than this, we use genuine JLR parts whenever possible and when it isn’t we fit parts that meet JLR technical specification.

Swallows also will advise you of any parts that need to be replaced in line with manufacturer intervals and provide a no obligation quote to complete the work required in this way we protect and preserve both original and extended manufacturer’s warranty. Swallows also has access to update your online JLR service history. No matter how new your Jaguar or Land Rover is you can be assured your warranty and your vehicle is in safe hands at Swallows.


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