Spring Cleaning..

With Spring fully here and the weather on the turn there couldn’t be a better time to get your Jaguar in fighting fit condition on the underside with a clean, paint and Wax oyl to protect for the next few years ahead.

With common corrosion areas on most Jaguars from subframe mounting points to brake/ fuel lines and even the subframes themselves on later cars, a spring clean is a great way to keep the corrosion away and prevent the need to replace various components prematurely.

With heavy cold and moisture gone with winter it is now a great time to look at cleaning, this usually starts with a full pressure wash off the underside and arches to remove mud dirt and salt in the hard to reach areas. Next the vehicle has the arch liners and under tray removed to gain access to the common corrosion spots and the plastic liners are then washed both sides, then with an air line on the car all remaining areas are blasted off and wire brushed to remove stubborn dirt and metal corrosion.

Once everything has been nicely cleaned and “if any” areas treated or welded then the metal work is painted black for a clean look to the chassis and a full Wax oyl of all areas/ box frames and suspension items is completed, this degree of cleaning should last 2-3 years of optimum protection depending upon mileage and use.

We would also suggest undertaking any suspension work at the same time to tighten up any tired or worn bushes with Powerflex and even new shocks bringing back a more responsive drive to the vehicle with either the original Bilstein B4 or uprated B6.

The most crucial car maintenance plan is preventitive making sure that the issues do not arise.

If you would like any information on booking or pricing then speak to our team today.


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