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Accolade For Swallows

Tom was recently invited by Castrol UK to attend a workshop at the Castrol Oil technology centre at Pangbourne, Berkshire where the world leading experts in motor oils train not only their own staff but occasionally bring in selected individuals and company representatives who sell their products. Swallows were appointed as Castrol South West agents in 2018 and have been recognised by Castrol for the exceptional work been doing along with increasing volume of sales. The workshop consisted of two days with day one being held at the Renault Formula One factory in Oxfordshire, with an overnight stay at Heythrop Park and day at the Castrol UK base at Pangbourne.

At Renault Tom learned how different oils react when used in the most extreme environment and how this impacts racing performance. He also found out how this relates and transfers to use in road cars and the benefits from what is learnt in racing conditions. Tom also took part in an F1 wheel change challenge and was given a full tour of Renault racing factory facility.

Day two at the Castrol based was more classroom focused looking at oil technology and how it is affected by heat and pressure in the engine, gearbox and differential and how the correct application of oils increases longevity and performance.

On completion of the course Tom received the Technology Centre Training certificate. Unexpectedly Tom was also presented with the Castrol UK award for Best Customer Engagement, this was in recognition for the Swallows open day held at the end March in conjunction with Somerset JEC region. Truly a real accolade for Swallows and acknowledgment of the exciting and growing partnership with Castrol UK that has real benefits for Swallows clients.


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