AJ16 Plug & Play ECU/Loom

Swallow Racing in conjunction with our partners at Performance Vehicle Engineering have created the first plug and play AJ16 Loom & ECU Packages.
A complete solution for running the AJ16 family of engines in pretty much anything! This package is shipped complete with ECU, and plug-in loom, as pictured. All you need to do, is supply an ignition feed, a 12v constant feed, and add in a fuel pump & fuel pump relay. This runs the later 2-pin coil packs. For other options please contact: enquiries@swallows-jag.co.uk We can build these at various lengths, for ECU locations at various different places in the vehicle. Again, this can be discussed with Swallows Racing. ECU is shipped with a ‘base map’, suitable for running a standard engine, with standard injectors. Our package is based around the MaxxECU Street. This ECU has full control of this engine like it’s never had before! Full closed loop wide-band control. Supplied with genuine Bosch LSU4.2 sensor. Fully sequential fuelling, and ignition.
  • CAN bus
  • USB communication for tuning with MTune
  • 8MB memory for internal logging, up to 1000Hz
  • Supply voltage 8-22V
  • ARM Cortex-M3 120MHz main processor
  • Resolution on ignition: 0.1 degrees
  • Resolution on injectors: 0.001 ms
  • Updates the fuel and ignition calculations 2000 times per second
  • The fastest PC communication on the market
  • Weight: 520g
  • 140x134x42mm (including mounting points, excluding connector)
  • Aluminium Casing
Developed in racing application and tested on our own race car. For options, email enquiries@swallows-jag.co.uk or call 01934 750319.


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