Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judge a book by its cover, that well known saying became a reality for Swallows when we were kindly asked by our partners at the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club to help organise a photo shoot for world-renowned automotive and motorsport photographer James Mann. So we set our own consultant and keen photographer Colin Porter the task of putting together a collection of cars worthy of the front cover of a new book on Jaguars to be published in the coming months for the US market. Using our ‘little black book’ of contacts and with help from friends at JEC Somerset Region in particular Barrie March and David Turner Colin put together what I’m sure everyone will agree is an iconic and stellar line of great Jaguar sports cars. Our thanks go to JEC Somerset Region member David Turner for bringing his stunning silver F-Type V6 Coupe, friend and former F1 racing driver Mike Wilds with his unique coloured S1 FHC E-Type, and our generous supporters both at recent track days and our Open day last year Andrew and Paul Maynard with the legendary R9R XJR-15 prototype produced by TWR Jaguar Sport and a car that once carried Tom Walkinshaw’s very own plate TOM 4. The photo shoot which took place on 10th September in Cheddar Gorge was such a spectacle it literally stopped the traffic. Not a surprise really when three of Jaguar’s most iconic cars were collectively on show. When we have further news about the release date of the book we will let you know.


  • Mike Wilds
    September 11, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    What a fun photo shoot!
    Thanks for letting me be involved!
    Best regards,
    Mike Wilds

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